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Why is a WSIB Clearance Certificate important to your business?


The WSIB Clearance Certificate is a critical designation that tells the people you do business with you are a professional who takes safety and your legal responsibilities seriously.

A clearance is actually a number issued free of charge by the WSIB.

When a business, contractor or sub-contractor has a Clearance Certificate it demonstrates that the business is registered with the WSIB, has filed all required premium remittance and reconciliation forms and pays their premiums on time.

Avoid liability

A clearance relieves the Business (also referred to as the Principal) who is hiring the contractor or subcontractor of liability for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed.

A clearance should be requested before the work begins, and kept up-to-date until all work on the contract is completed. It is valid for up to 90 days and will be automatically renewed on predictable renewable dates – assuming the contractor is in good standing

An efficient, effective, and timely process

WSIB keeps it simple with an online eClearance system ensuring principals and contractors can quickly and easily get clearances for each contract. Contractors should register with WSIB to be added to a principal’s list.

Once a contractor is on a principal’s list, clearances are generated automatically, and the principal can seamlessly manage clearances for their contractors for the length of the contract.

Benefits are straightforward

  • Get a clearance to demonstrate your account is in good standing
  • Check the validity of a clearance to avoid financial liability when employing contractors
  • View a clearance status at any time

You can even enroll in a customized version of the eClearance service to manage more of your clearance needs online including:

  • Managing lists of contractors
  • Automatically issuing new clearances
  • Viewing your firm’s history of clearances
  • Receiving a variety of automatic email notifications to help you stay up to date

Don’t risk losing an opportunity to be hired.

A contractor who has not kept his WSIB Clearance Certificate up to date will be ineligible to receive clearance and will forfeit potential income.

For complete details, including details on Clearances in the Construction Sector visit the WSIB website at www.wsib.ca or ask your tax advisor for instructions.

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