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What about the ‘do it yourself’ tax software options?

How often have you struggled with the question, “Should I hire a professional or do it myself?”

Whether you need some simple renovations done around the house or straight forward car repairs, the temptation to save money can be very appealing.

Unfortunately, many people have regretted the decision. Why?

The ‘do it yourself’ way can cost more money in the long run.

How often have you found yourself part way through a project and realized you just didn’t know enough to finish it off properly. Then, you had to call the pros in not only to finish, but also to fix anything you didn’t do quite right. That can be costly.

The same dilemma arises when it is time to do your taxes.

The ads for do it yourself software are appealing. The software will do all the work – all the work that is, except thinking for you.

Computer programs cannot distinguish the fine nuances that make your situation unique.

And that means, just like the simple car repairs you once tackled on your own, do it yourself software may cost you money in the end.

A professional accountant sees it all… and gets you the best return.

An accountant is there to answer your questions and provide advice throughout the entire year – and that knowledge and insight about you will have a positive impact at tax time.

Of course, your need for a professional to help prepare your taxes goes up in direct relationship with the complexity of your situation. But don’t let the word ‘complexity’ fool you.

Such simple changes as marriage, birth, divorce or a death will require some additional tax expertise.

Plus, your tax advisor is there should the dreaded word ‘audit’ ever arise.

Hiring a tax professional means you have a partner to help you maximize your tax position year after year.

And when it comes to saving money, a partner can spot things you – or your software may not.

At McEvoy, Lelievre, we think strategically about minimizing your tax position this year, but also next year – and the year after.

Filing your taxes is not just about submitting the proper paper work on time. It’s about your unique situation and the bigger picture.

It’s about doing it right the first time!

Let’s talk about your taxes.

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