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Taxes & Bookkeeping On The Go

A frequent business traveler, this self-employed professional is rarely at home, making in-person tax services next to impossible. Our virtual tax and accounting services help ensure that his books stay up to date and his taxes get done on time.

The Client

A Self-employed professional that often travels from province to province.

The Challenge

For this client, work is mobile and he goes wherever it takes him. This makes taking care of tax and bookkeeping matters in the traditional way difficult to coordinate.

The Solution

Wherever the client is, he can simply upload and send us .PDF copies of bank and expense information by way of our online portal. No matter where in Canada he’s working, all he has to do is upload documents, and our office is ready to prepare all the required filings. That means we don’t have to wait for the client to get back to town to get to work, and he avoids falling behind on the books or paying late filing penalties. Win, win.

Does your work take you far afield? We can help keep your bookkeeping on track, no matter how far you roam. Get in touch today.

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