WSIB (Workplace Safety-Insurance Board)

The McEvoy, Lelievre & Associates team can help you be confident that your WSIB coverage and files are right for your business.

WSIB Ontario provides services and information to keep your workers safe and your business covered.

For employers, WSIB can be critically important. WSIB coverage means that if a work-related injury occurs, you generally don't need to worry about being sued by your covered workers.

Most businesses are required to have WSIB coverage and will file monthly or quarterly.

WSIB Services, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara

WSIB is one of our specialties.

The experienced team at McEvoy, Lelievre & Associates can help you navigate the WSIB process. We know the ins and outs of coverage and filings, and can help ensure your business is covered so that you are compliant and minimize your risk.

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