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Payroll Deductions - NOT to be used as an Employee Penalty

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You should be aware that under the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA), only three types of deductions can be made from an employee’s wages: statutory deductions; deductions authorized by a court order;

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Public Holiday Policy - Ontario

Posted in General, Payroll

Business owners often are confused or challenged by Public Holiday Policies. This is a quick...

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Why is a WSIB Clearance Certificate important to your business?

Posted in General, WSIB

The WSIB Clearance Certificate is a critical designation that tells the people you do business with you are a professional who takes safety and your legal responsibilities seriously.

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What are the consequences of not filing your HST accurately… or on time?

Posted in General, HST

How many parents have lectured their kids about the benefits of developing good habits by doing all the prep work needed for a school assignment well in advance and to complete the work before the actual due date? Unfortunately, we don’t all take our own advice when it comes to our taxes, particularly filing HST remittances accurately – and on time.

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What about the 'do it yourself' tax software options?

Posted in General, Personal Tax Canada

Whether you need some simple renovations done around the house or straight forward car repairs, the temptation to save money can be very appealing.

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