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McEvoy, Lelievre & Associates, located in the heart of Niagara, offers full scope business bookkeeping – including cloud-based virtual services. Our in-house Chartered Accountant, Kristopher McEvoy, also offers comprehensive accounting, along with US and Canadian Tax services for both personal and business clients.

Under the leadership of Kris McEvoy, CPA, CGA and Mark Lelievre, CPB our team of in-house bookkeeping, accounting and tax experts provide you with a sensible, balanced approach to managing your business financial needs.

To ensure that your accounts are managed in precise detail, we use the most current software technologies and systems.

You'll get it 'straight' from us... and you'll understand it all.

Even for those who are experienced, financial matters can be complicated. And, we know that most of our clients would rather be running their businesses or living their lives than worrying about their finances.

We believe, therefore, that it's in your best interest, and ours, to do things differently. When we meet about your bookkeeping needs, we talk English. Plain English. So, you understand what we are saying and so we can help you more effectively.

The greatest compliment we receive is when our customers say, "That finally makes sense to me. I understand."

Call us before Canada Revenue Agency calls you.

Too often, we hear people say that they can't seem to get their bookkeeping done properly or on time. And that puts them in a risk position.

Our promise is to help you avoid any unnecessary issues with CRA. And, if you call us sooner than later, we'll deliver on that promise.

Our team is always watching your back.

We are proud of our team of experts and of the relationship they build with our customers.

When you work with McEvoy, Lelievre, we will assign one or two primary contacts for all your work with us. Because you have your own 'point person', you will never have the experience of having to explain your needs to someone who is not familiar with your account.

Our goal is to build a stable, rewarding, long-term relationship with each of our clients. That only happens, though, when everyone trusts and feels confident.

So, we do what we say, when we say we're going to do it. It's our business.

We're where you need us.

Although our main office is located in Niagara, we can also travel to your place of business, whether it's on a farm, in your office, or at a coffee shop. We know it's important for us to meet where you are most comfortable.

Or, you can work with us through our Virtual Bookkeeping Services.


More Questions... and Answers

How long has McEvoy Lelievre been doing business?

Our firm has been serving Niagara since January 2011, Both partners been born and raised in the Niagara Region, and love the local community!

What services do you provide?

We specialize in full-service accounting and tax services. Our typical client has a small- to medium-sized business. We provide them with, or assist them with bookkeeping, payroll, WSIB, and GST/HST filings. We will then prepare the T4 slips and any necessary ROE’s for employees, finishing off with personal tax returns for the owners of the company, and the corporate return if the company is incorporated.

What types of financial advice do you provide?

Along with preparation of all required filings, we give you the best advice. Our advisory services range from personal financial planning advice (such as whether or not you should buy RRSP’s, how much you should pay yourself, and whether you should incorporate your business), to automobile leasing and buying advice, guidance on how much you should pay your staff, which accounting suite is the best for you, and everything in between.

We take a holistic approach to managing people’s personal and business finances in order maximize net worth and profitability and minimize costs and risks.

Can you help with restaurant accounting and advice?

Mark Lelievre has 25 years of restaurant management and accounting experience, putting our firm is in a unique position to provide accounting and advisory services to restaurants to make sure they are as profitable as possible. Who We Serve  

What types of technology, software and communication mediums do you work with?

We are accountants of the new age. We spend a lot of time on the phone with you, but also communicate via email and in person. We will prepare an electronic set of records for you using Xero or Quickbooks Online.

How does the Client Portal work?

We use the Client Portal on our website to exchange documentation, which we then organize for you into a consolidated record for the year. This is extremely helpful when complying, if you have to respond to any CRA inquiries, and also for your own management purposes.

We typically use Sage 50 or Sage One so that our team and the client both have 24/7 access to the client's accounting records, allowing all of us to work in the same file at the same time, if need be. We will provide you with training to get the most out of the reporting functions available to help you manage your business and manage your costs and revenues.

Can I still enter all my sales and receivables myself?

Yes. Our philosophy is, you manage your business, and we will manage you. Collaborating online allows you to enter all your sales and accounts receivable information, while we provide data entry services for expenses, and reconcile bank accounts.

Can I do my own data entry?

Sure. We are always happy to help as much or as little as needed. However, the more involved we are with your business and your books, the more responsibility we take for making sure everything is perfect.

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