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An Organized Back Office System for a Service & Repair Business

This service and repair company needed help getting their accounting and tax documentation organized. With a smart new filing system and electronic document storage, we helped get things back under control.

The Client

A Service/Repair Business owner.

The Challenge

While our client was a whiz when it came to her work in the service and repair industry, she struggled with organizing and managing the various documentation that was necessary to run the bookkeeping end of her business. A combination of time constraints and lack of familiarity with filing systems meant that important documents were getting lost in the shuffle.

The Solution

We sent one of our technicians to create a filing system that regulates the flow and organization of this client’s documents. We also taught the client how to plan and prepare documents for electronic storage, making it easy for her to track everything in one place. The result? A streamlined and organized back office system for the company, with enormous savings in time, money and frustration.

Programs Used: Sage 50,, clientrack, office 365

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