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Have you heard of Hubdoc?

Scan Receipt w/HubDoc

When you sign up for Xero cloud-accounting software, you also receive a free subscription to a superb app called Hubdoc.

Hubdoc receipt scannerHubdoc is another cloud-based program that helps fetch online receipts, as well as organize any other receipts you may have. You can submit your receipts through a scanner, your phone’s camera, or email. This helps you stay organized with your records.

Hubdoc even links with Xero and helps create journal entries, taking the automation possible to a whole new level. This means your receipts will be automatically shared with your bookkeeper or accountant. No more need for drop-offs and handoffs, which are inconvenient and time-consuming.

The days of the ‘shoebox’ or worse ‘bankers box’ drop off to your accountant’s office are over. Hubdoc’s time is here.

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