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Farmers are Overwhelmed with Red Tape

86% of farmers say that government red tape adds a significant amount of stress, reduces productivity and discourages business growth.

Helping farmers manage the overwhelming Government red tape is one of the ways McEvoy, Lelievre & Associates supports our farming community, so we can all continue to enjoy the rich heritage that farming in the Niagara and Golden Horseshoe area has to offer.

Farming in Niagara and the Golden Horseshoe (GH) area continues as a strong supporter of our economic well-being.  There are over 6,000 farms and almost a million acres of farmland that contribute an estimated annual impact of $6.3B to our provincial economy. Farming is a rich tradition that many families have passed down from one generation to the next as a viable career and business opportunity.  Farming benefits families, communities and our economy, but this rich heritage is now in danger of being overwhelmed with red tape.

The business of farming is plagued with excessive government red tape, including tax filing, regulations, and other paperwork, that is adding a great deal of stress to farmers.

In a recent study by CFIB, 86% of farmers say that government red tape adds a significant amount of stress. 64% of those surveyed say that it significantly reduces productivity, while almost the same amount say that it discourages business growth.

At McEvoy, Lelievre and Associates, we work to reduce the stress caused by excessive red tape so farmers can spend more time growing their business, and having a better work-life balance.  One of the ways we can assist is by helping farmers and business owners understand how industry regulations and taxes affect their specific business.  We also help them establish processes and management procedures so they can spend more time running their business, rather than sitting behind a desk doing paperwork.  Farming can be quite labour intensive, requiring hiring numerous staff that are often seasonal.  Outsourcing payroll services and other tax-related services helps farmers keep apprised of the latest regulations as well as ensures that remittances are done properly and on-time.

Are you a Farmer in Ontario with questions about managing the government red tape?

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